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Our annual EmpowHER events seek to inspire women and girls in our community while challenging traditional gender role norms and stereotypes. Women’s leadership has always been at the core of YWCA’s work—the story of YWCA is a story of intergenerational, multicultural women galvanizing their communities for change. Women are our future, and giving them the tools they need to lead us into a more just and equitable world is foundational to our values. YWCA Glendale is working against the social and structural barriers women face to help them explore new roles and provide them with activities to help them discover their authentic selves and build confidence and courage, opportunities to speak with strong women leaders and community members, and encourage them to express themselves.

EmpowHER 2019

YWCA Glendale invited women from across LA County to its 3rd annual EmpowHER female leadership event featuring Erin Loos Cutraro, CEO of She Should Run, a non-partisan, national nonprofit organization that has helped 21,000 women define their path to civic leadership. Leverage Your Strengths: Female Leadership Brunch & Learn was an intimate event that addressed topics like pursuing personal leadership, the value women bring to the decision-making table, and the collective role women can play in ending gender inequality.

EmpowHER 2019 Ambassadors

Toni Beck Espinoza
Sona Tatiyants
Melissa Estrada
Kendyl Young
Jessica First
Catherine Nguyen
Ana Quintana
Taline Saad

EmpowHER 2018

EmpowHER Networking Brunch and Women’s Leadership Panel celebrated how women face unique challenges and succeed. The morning started with an inspirational speaker who runs a local venture capital firm and is the founder of SHE Ventures in Tech, a group that offers entrepreneurial support to women with existing startups in tech. Our panel discussion included several finance trailblazers, a real estate broker and CEO, an advertising CEO, a Senior Vice President of a wealth management firm, and a Forensic Laboratory Director. Each shared her unique path to success and strategies for overcoming obstacles.