Adopt A Room

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"Sunrise Village helped me and my children stay alive. We are forever grateful." -YWCA Glendale Client

Help make our shelter and office a warm and peaceful space for our families.

When you sign up to adopt a room, you can choose one of two options:

  • HANDS-ON PROJECT: Let your creativity shine! Redo a room yourself. Paint the walls, put up artwork and curtains, throw in some indoor plants. We keep rooms simple so that our families can make it their own home while they’re with us, so a little will go a long way. Projects need to be completed within 1-3 weeks.
  • SPONSOR A ROOM/PROJECT: If you don’t have time to shop but you would still like to support a shelter project, that works too! Each room is estimated to cost $1,000-$2,500. Donate online and our staff and volunteers will do the shopping and decorating for you. You can also purchase specific items for our rooms, such as furniture and housewares.

Are you interested in adopting a room? Email