Children’s Program Assistant

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Volunteer Role

The Children’s Program Assistant works alongside the Child Advocate to promote teamwork, leadership and emotions management among children, ages infancy-fourteen. Children’s Program Assistants are also responsible for supporting children’s emotional and social development, encouraging understanding of others and positive self-concepts. All Children Program Assistants are mandated reporters and adhere to the standards provided in the Children’s Program Assistant Training Manual.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Supervise and monitor children’s safety based on YWCA Glendale safety guidelines and emergency procedures. Children shall be supervised at all times
• Implement activities to meet the physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs of the children
• Ensure that parents of children are signing in and out
• Distribute nutritious snacks and alert Child Advocate if children seem to be excessively hungry, not eating, etc
• Ensure equipment and the facility are clean, well-maintained and safe at all times
• Alert parents when child needs special attention, e.g. needs to go to the restroom, incessant crying, or child is creating an unsafe environment for other children
• Identify signs of emotional or developmental problems in children and bring them to Child Advocate’s attention
• Report all claims and suspicion of child abuse to Child Advocate for investigation and reporting
• Other duties as assigned


• Basic knowledge of domestic violence and its impact on child development
• Effective verbal and listening skills
• Pleasant manner, patience, problem-solving ability & dependability
• Ability to bend, squat, climb stairs & lift 25 lbs.
• Prior experience with children preferred
• Record of TB Test
• Pass background check/LiveScan

Shifts Needed

We are looking for someone for the following shifts:

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