Heart and Excellence Awards Nomination Form

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We will be holding our 22nd Annual Legacy Luncheon on April 18, 2019 and we are calling on you to nominate someone you know for our Heart and Excellence award. Since 1996 YWCA Glendale has honored individuals in our community with our distinguished Heart and Excellence Award. This award highlights those in our community who are creating change and leaving a legacy of strength, love and leadership. The event will take place at the La Canada Country Club, and will raise funds to advance the mission and benefit programming such as, YWCA Glendale’s Camp Y, Camp Rosie, and other life-changing services for survivors of domestic violence and their children, including an emergency shelter, housing advocacy, therapy, legal support, a 24-hour hotline, and community education and advocacy.

After you identify your perspective nominees we encourage you to complete the application and return it to us by December 16th. We ask that you add as much information as needed to provide accurate descriptions of your nominees. With your application please attach any resumes, bios, and headshots.

Or, click here to download the nomination form.


Georgia M. Abelmann 2003
Joan Allan 2016
Mary Alvord 2000
Toni Beck-Espinosa 2013
Yasmin Beers 2015
Wanda Bistagne 2004
Laurie Blieck 2007
Sue Boegh 2001
Mary Boger 2008
Lena Bozoyan 2013
Ginger Bremberg 1996
Carol Ann Burton 2018
Marilyn Kay Butler 2018
Rabbi Carole L. Meyers 2000
Fran Buchanan 2012
Phyllis Campbell 2002
Ruth Charles 2009
Sister Lucille Dear, S.P. 1999
Susie & Richard Dell 2006
JP O’Connor 2017
Paula Devine 2012
Lina Petrossian 2017
Dr. Zuzka Eggena 2005
Andrea Faresveit 2010
Miryam Finkelberg 2015
Jeannie Flint 2017
Lois Frederick 2001
Rosa Frommer 2007
Anita Quinonez Gabrielian 2012
Roberta “Bobbi” Gangi 2014
Eileen Givens 2000
Laura Guillory 2014
Marilyn Gunnell 2008
Nancy Guillen 2017
Ruth Hale 1996
Silva Hameline 2011
Janet Hamilton 2017
Lina Harper 2003
Lori Hartwell 2011
Ann Hermann 2011
Debbie Hinckley 2007
Susan Hunt 2007
Mary Lou Howard 2004
Dr. Frieda Jordan 2004
Carole Jouroyan 2008
Gladys I. Kabateck 2003
Cathy Keen 2005
Georgina Wu 2017
Lorelei Kelley 2001
Armineh Khanbabian 2007
Seda Khojayan 2014
Janet Killian 2009
Dale Kristien 1996
Eleanor Largent 2005
Kathy Lefkovits 2012
Louise Lewis 2004
Linda Malmquist 2002
Jean Maluccio 2004
Elizabeth Manasserian 2011
Joan McCarthy 2008
Brooke Bentley Moore 2016
Valery Moorhead 1998
Sandra J. Moreno 2010
Gertrude Ness 2014
Mary Alice O’Connor 2002
Alice Petrossian 1999
Sinia Bedrossian Peltikian 2003
MaryAnn Plumley 2010
Jory Potts 2013
Kathleen Powers 2009
Lynne Raggio 1996
Maria Rochart 2010
Mary Lou Rhodes 2015
Diane Russell 2000
Sandy Schultz 2009
Ellyn Semler 2011
Julia Burroughs Shermer 2001
Officer Sue Shine-Carter 2008
Monica Sierra 2012
Sue Stamper 1998
Linda Stude 2005
Nancy Stone 2017
Genevieve Sultenfuss 1996
Mary Margaret Smith 2013
Sona A Tatiyants 2018
Sharon Townsend 2014
Kathryn Van Houten 2016
Mercy Velazquez 2009
Joylene Wagner 2013
Lynne White-Shelby 2015
Karen Whyte 2010
Katherine Yamada 2005
Donna Ziel 2007


 Avon Breast Care Foundation
Capital Group Companies
Glendale Community Foundation
National Charity League, Inc. Glendale Chapter
Soroptimist International of Glendale
Wells Fargo Foothill
Agape Circle 2018

Donate by December 31. YWCA Glendale empowers women, girls and families in so many ways thanks to you.

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