Purple Tie Awards

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Every October we honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM), which first began in 1981 as a way to connect domestic violence survivor advocates across the country. Domestic violence affects millions of people, both women and men, of every race, religion, culture and status. We devote ourselves to raising awareness and celebrating survivors during this time.

2019 “Take a Stand” Candlelight Vigil and Purple Tie Awards

Our annual Candlelight Vigil honored victims of domestic violence and celebrated the voices of survivors, and Take a Stand To Make A Difference with our inaugural Purple Tie Awards highlighted men who work to support domestic violence survivors and who work toward the elimination of violence against women and families in Glendale.

Domestic Violence, sexual assault, and stalking are not just women’s issues, they are community issues and gender equality cannot be achieved without the involvement of men and boys. We have more work to further engage men in our work it’s a critical to our work in changing attitudes and beliefs that promote violence against women. Thank you for being a part of our efforts to create positive change.

2019 Purple Tie Honorees

Law Enforcement Advocate
Sgt. Alex Krikorian, Glendale Police Department
Volunteer Advocate
James Maddox, MSW, ASW
Community Partner Advocate
Albert Hernandez, Executive Director
Family Promise of the Verdugos