Stand Against Racism

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YWCA Glendale is on a mission to Stand Against Racism!

We take a Stand Against Racism every day by raising awareness about the impact of institutional and structural racism and by building community among those who work for racial justice.

Stand Against Racism provides the opportunity for communities across the United States to find an issue or cause that inspires them to take a #StandAgainstRacism and to unite their voices to educate, advocate, and promote racial justice. This year we are hosting our 2nd Annual Stand Against Racism campaign from April 23rd-26th and an April 28th roundtable discussion on civic engagement & collective impact. We couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to expand Stand Against Racism’s reach into our community by engaging with this year’s campaign. We invite you to join us as a Stand Against Racism partner.

As a partner, we ask that you promote, share, and support Stand Against Racism by participating in the following:

Pre-Event Activities

  • Announce your participation and share your excitement about Stand Against Racism. Tell your network that you are participating in Stand Against Racism and share why you decided to join us. Disseminate information and details about our Stand Against Racism roundtable and any event(s) you are hosting.
  • Encourage your friends, family, and networks to join the campaign by inviting them to visit the national campaign website as well as YWCA Glendale’s Stand Against Racism page.

During the week of April 23rd – 26th

  • Promote Stand Against Racism on social media. Every day between April 23rd – 26th, schedule a tweet to go out at 12pm (PST) to help us create a unified message of eliminating racism by promoting our national Stand Against Racism campaign.
  • Promote and raise awareness about the Armenian Genocide Day of Remembrance on April 24th by participating in city and county wide events and supporting our community partners on social media.

April 28th: Roundtable Event

Join us at our roundtable event on April 28th at 6pm at YWCA Glendale. Civic engagement is, and always has been, central to racial & social justice work. Ensuring access to the ballot box and engaging marginalized communities in the political process are powerful tools for eliminating racism and creating a more inclusive democracy. Voter registration, protecting voting rights, and a fair and accurate census count are foundational to this work. Civic engagement is most powerful when we value the full spectrum of civic life and when all community members have the power to choose how they’d like to participate. Each of us can stand against racism by engaging in our communities in a meaningful way.To advance the conversation about how to engage the community in collective impact join YWCA Glendale, civic leaders, community organizers and advocates to take a public pledge to stand against racism and participate in an honest discussion on why it is important to involve the community actively, how it can be done with a collective impact, and solutions to address the challenges and pitfalls of engaging the community.

If your organization would like to become a Stand Against Racism partner, please email with subject line ‘Stand Against Racism’ to receive campaign information and to be listed as a partner on our website.


April 30, 2019 – Last year’s “Stand Against Racism” event at YWCA Glendale. The event provided safe and nonjudgmental space for honest, reflective conversation with members of the community, including faith leaders from Glendale, Hollywood and Inglewood, and Los Angeles neighborhood council members from the foothills communities.The evening began with networking with local residents with opportunities for them to publicly join our pledge to Stand Against Racism.


We then transitioned into the program by having a “fishbowl” discussion with our speakers. Fr. Vazken Movsesian of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church, Rev. Sherri James of UP Church, Rev. Todd Leonard of Glendale City Church, Shant Sahakian of the Glendale Unified School District Board of Education, and Dannielle Johnson, CEO, of Donut Socialite. The conversation touched on topics such as Glendale’s racial history as “Sundown” town, fostering racial and ethnic unity in our schools, racial reconciliation and healing, and how to create racial and ethnic unity.


In the second part of the evening, participants were invited to join in on the conversation to reflect and talk about the difficult issues–all in the spirit that we are all fellow journeyers. As such, we also reminded ourselves, though it’s hard to remember sometimes, that we are more similar than we are different. Through this exercise we discussed how individual and institutional racism impacts us all, but we also explored ways to promote greater appreciation of racial and ethnic unity, and respect for diversity.

SAR 2019

Lastly, participants were asked to place on the wall their personal actions and actions they’d like to see YWCA take–in order to reaffirm our collective and individual commitments to #StandAgainstRacism.